In December of 2014, Hardcore Show Flyers got hacked. I have some ideas about what happened, but the bottomline is I woke up the day before Christmas to find the entire website had been wiped out. The backups my hosting provider (who I have since left) had been giving me were not really adequate, so I had to rebuild the website from a backup I had done right before the holidays, which contained most of the meta data for the website.

Many images are missing right now from older posts, but I am adding them back a few pages a day. I am hard at work on this during the summer months. I am also adding new content as time permits. So it will take a little bit to get all the images back, but they will return.

Please consider donating to the Patreon so this website can continue. I have done this website without compensation or complaint since 2007. Following the hack, I believe my efforts need to be compensated like any other creator of DIY media outside of the mainstream.

Also follow HSF on social media. I have a few thousand flyers in the queue and with new ones coming in, I think we will be at this for awhile.