Agnostic Front-Face Value-Ringworm @ Agora Cleveland OH 3-24-92


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  1. Skinheads beat the motherfuck out of another skinhead and put him in coma at the prior AF gig we played at the Agora in ’90. This one was okay,the Agora sucks ass,every time I play there I regret it,terrible monitors and front-of-house,soundman always a total prick to openers,wish i coulda played the ORIGINAL (and only TRUE) Agora on E.24th before the fire destroyed it. This was a Larry Collins-promoted show.Larry Collins is a fucking gnome twink who bought a house off profits he made promoting HC gigs over the years. He usually paid us $50 when we’d play to between 500-800 kids opening for 7 Seconds,AF,Bad Brains,Exploited etc. He’d say “your exposure is your payment!” Also he’d usually demand that the headliners use our gear,and since of course they showed up with none of their own,we’d be the heels if we said no. After I became successful doing low-door shows with national bands (GI’s,Slapshot,Scream,All,the Accused,Shelter,Primus etc)and selling out the Empire,Flash’s,Babylon etc,Larry Collins started calling the fire marshals on my gigs. Thank god the prick is long gone. I do remember at this show he demanded a %30 cut of our T-shirt sales. we told him to go piss up a fucking rope and sold ’em in the parking lot.I cut a vicious promo on him onstage,I have a board tape of the gig and was listening to it not long ago…funny stuff

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