Face Value-Ringworm-State Of Mind @ Flash’s Cleveland OH 4-23-93


2 responses to “Face Value-Ringworm-State Of Mind @ Flash’s Cleveland OH 4-23-93”

  1. a total rager. 600+. going through old stuff for the FV discography i found lots of payout reciepts for gigs.the Worm,us and State of Mind split $2249. State Of Mind begged me to play with FV,i said sure,what the fuck,next gig,you’re on. So they play this show,the guitar player comes out and puts the bad mouth on me ON STAGE,says HC dosen’t belong in a club,everyone should leave after they play and go to the coffee house down the street or some such bullshit. Uhhh..HC dosen’t belong in a club? Exactly where the fuck would you put 600 drunk stagediving,shaved-head,circle-pitting rippers? what a tool. Ooooh,what a mighty blow against the ‘establishmnet’ he struck! After their set,I threw their payoff in the asshat’s face(Brian Noga)like Virgil paying off a jobber that DiBiase just destroyed and then through him,still wearing his dress(seriously),the fuck out of the back door of the club. The singer Steve Meketa is a dear friend of mine to this day and went on to sing for Apt. 213,the drummer Ron Etchell is also a good pal and was my nurse earlier this year when i had a heart attack!
    oh yeah–the Worm killed,and Frank,James and i went to this rager party after the gig at some rich chick’s house in Hinckley,they had an indoor pool that we destroyed and Frank and I looted the fuck out of her house,i had a girlfriend that had moved to Alaska and i was calling the fuck out of her long-distance on this chick’s phone,hahaha,we threw her old man’s golf clubs in the jacuzzi! C’mon trash!!!

  2. Erba, i remember that one well. i went home with a pocketful of cash for playing a 20 minute set with the WORM. I heard that meathead GEO was mad because we didn’t play the full 45 minutes that he wanted us too…hey, our setlist was only 13 songs long at the time! that was like being paid 18 dollars per song!

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