Bad Religion-L7-JFA-Side Effect @ Candilejas Hollywood CA 12-22-88


3 responses to “Bad Religion-L7-JFA-Side Effect @ Candilejas Hollywood CA 12-22-88”

  1. looks like an awesome show. Does anyone have more information on what this place Candilejas was? It isnt there anymore, I live near that address…

  2. was at this show. candilejas was this mexican restaurant that put on a few shows before the plug got pulled. don’t remember if “side effect” was whittier band american side effects or not (was a little, um, out of sorts that night), but i do remember it was raining that night. jfa was quite good, L7 was great and someone got stabbed on the dance floor during either bad religion’s or L7’s set, and the show was done and over…..

  3. Side effect was a san clemente ca band not a Whittier band i was the bass player although I did live in lahabra until 8th grade then moved to Newport Beach.side effect was from the San juan capistrano/ San clemente punk scene along with uti under the influence and violation atg against the grain gadnium hangover bored to death sob symbolism of beligerency 4th degree cause and effect others

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