Misfits-Necros @ Greystone Hall Detroit MI 10-29-83

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  1. I remember when the place was open, but I wonder why these flyers said “Greystone Hall” when it was actually the Greystone Ballroom. We went to Clutch Cargo’s in those days, saw the DKs, Necros, Damned, Negative Approach, Fear, etc. Also, I don’t remember Graystone flyers looking this good, and don’t remember any of them being in color.

  2. I’ve seen it listed both as Ballroom and Hall on flyers and tape trading lists. I agree that this flyer looks really good. For the life of me I cannot remember where I got it.

  3. The Graystone Ballroom was a jazz club on Woodward and Canfield during the ’20’s. The Graystone Hall was on Michigan Avenue. Most of the flyers were not in color mainly because it was too expensive to copy color flyers.

    There is a benefit for Cary (Scary) of the Graystone this Saturday at the Old Miami. It is also somewhat of a Graystone Reunion with the following bands playing:
    Cavity Creeps, They Never Sleep, The State, Country Bob & the Bloodfarmers, Ugly But Proud and Forced Anger.

    $5 Donation at the door 21+

  4. Went by the Graystone on the weekend, first time there in years. Its a laundrymat now. When I remember all the great shows that went on there its a shame to see what it has become.

  5. Damned, I used to have that poster. I took it from the entrance to the Hall on the night of the gig. Like a fool I lost it years ago…

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